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John Edwards Care Homes Ltd


The aims of the home and objectives to be attained with the children

Button’s is a residential children’s homes for children/young people of both sexes who have a severe physical or learning disability, complex health care needs or behaviour that challenges. The home has 5 beds. 4 of the beds are permanent beds for children who are permanently accommodated with in the home. Additionally to the 4 permanent beds there is 1 bed that can be used for short breaks. This bed will allow some children the opportunity to receive a regular short break away from their home, with the aim of reducing the risk of family breakdown due to the high care needs and support these children require. The age range is 5-18 years; however transitional support into adult services can be supported by the home.

Our objectives are:

• To provide 4 children with a permanent home until they reach adult hood
• To provide 1 short break bed to provide families with a break from the care of their children to enable the child to remain living at home.
• For the child / young person to have a stimulating and enjoyable placement offering a range of social and leisure activities within the community which they may not otherwise be able to access.
• To work closely with families, behaviour nurse specialists, health and education colleagues to develop individual programmes to address behaviours and enable young people to reach their fullest potential and to reduce stress within their families.
• To encourage the health and confidence of the young people living or visiting Button’s by providing healthy and specialist diets where required and encouraging enjoyable physical activity.

Button’s also offers holiday breaks for children receiving short break care.

Our ethos and philosophy:

Button’s is part of the John Edwards Care Homes Ltd company. It has links with multi-disciplinary support network and is fully involved in constructing the support plans to provide a range of support to disabled children/young people and their families to enable them to live life as normally and enjoyably .

We treat children with a disability as children first and give full and individual consideration to any additional needs they may have as a result of their disability. We recognise the emotional, physical and often financial pressures families’ experience and aim to provide a flexible and responsive service working in partnership with parents and their expertise in their child’s care.

We believe all children have a right to make choices, be treated as individuals, be consulted with whatever their method of communication so that their views are heard and they can influence what happens to them.

Statement of Purpose:

Download the Buttons Statement of Purpose


Bows opened on the 10th February 2013, Bobbins opened on the 1st December 2015

John Edwards Care Homes ltd is a professional organisation established in March 2011,we are person centred in our approach to our service users and adhere to the principals of Normalisation.
At Bows & Bobbins we believe in empowering and enabling service users to do things for themselves and to make decisions about their life rather than having things done for them. The service users are encouraged and enabled to participate in activities and interests of their choice. Recommendations the white paper Valuing People are also very much to the forefront of our care delivery. Service users are respected with dignity as individuals, given the opportunity of making informed choices wherever possible and supported to achieve progression in everyday activities. Community presence and participation are achieved through involvement in the wider community and the use of social networks and community facilities

Respecting and involving people who use our service

Bows’ is a residential home for adults of both sexes who have a learning disability.
The home has 5 beds. All 5 beds are permanent beds for adults who choose to live at Bow’s.
The age range is 18 -65 years, however we aim to support young adults aged between 18 to 25 years with the view of helping them reach their personal goals and we continually measure these against their outcomes. We hope that this in turn could support them to move to a supported living environment should they so wish in the future.

Bobbins is also a residential home but we are able to become involved in the transition programs for children aged 16-18 years as we have registered Bobbins for young people from the age of 16 - 65 years. The home has 6 beds. All 6 beds are permanent beds for children and adults who choose to live at Bobbins.

Aims & Objectives

To provide a safe, homely environment and person-centred support that responds to service users as unique individuals.
To assist service users in acquiring skills which empower and enable them in the pursuit of more independence and valued life-styles.
To ensure that care and treatment is provided to individuals with due regard to their age, sex, religious persuasion, sexual orientation, racial origin, cultural and linguistic background and any disability they may have.
To create opportunities for community integration by developing links with local education providers, employers and other support services.
To promote service users dignity and self esteem through the provision of programmes of support which encourage service users to make informed choices , to assess risks within a measured, yet sensitive framework of support to enable service users to take responsibility for their own lives and behaviour.
To ensure each service user’s needs are assessed and met through access to appropriate professional, specialist support services.
To promote equality of opportunity and encourage anti-discriminatory practice by recognising, rights, choices, beliefs and values of service users and their families
To enable service users to assume increasing autonomy and authority in all aspects of their lives by encourage the health and confidence of the individual people living at Bow’s by providing appropriate opportunities, encouragement and support in relation to promoting independent living skills, which can be used with in the home and within their local community.

Activities & Opportunities at Bows

Arts and Craft
Sensory Room- onsite
Hot Tub - onsite
Gym - onsite
Membership of local clubs
Going to discos, cinemas and pantomimes etc
Visits and shopping trips into local towns e.g. Trowbride,Bath Chippenham
Accessing the wider community through visits to local cafes, pubs and restaurants
Transport via private mini bus, taxis and public transport
Walks in the surrounding woods and countryside
Visits from family and friends
Attending places of worship

Link worker

Prior to the individual person moving into Bow’s or Bobbins a staff member will be allocated to the individual as their “Link worker”.
The link worker will help the individual transition to the home be as smooth as possible by meeting them on several occasion befor they move in .
The link worker will be on duty to welcome the individual to their new home.
Where possible the link worker will also stay at Bow’s or Bobbins over night for the individual 1st night.

Regular support

The link worker will offer the individual 1-1 support. The individual will also be provided with calendar to confirm the next date in which their link worker will be at the home.

Care and welfare of people who use our service

Bows and Bobbins have a genuine drive to deliver a first class level of specialist care for adults with learning difficulties .
John Edwards Care Homes Ltd (Bows & Bobbins) will support those who require our services with experience, integrity, flexibility and give individuals the choice and freedom within a safe environment to endeavour to lead a fulfilling life.

It is our aim that our working practices will reflect the belief that all people, irrespective of need, will have the right to:
•Be respected as unique individuals of equal worth
•Equality of opportunity
•Choice and consultation
•Education and personal development
All individuals choosing to live at Bows will have a Care Plan. The care plan with be written with the individual. It will pay due attention to their health. Individuals will be encouraged to develop an awareness of positive health promotion in order to enjoy a sense of physical and emotional well-being.
All individuals will be registered with a local GP of their choice if they are unable to continue to access the GP they were registered with prior to admission. Due regard will be paid to individuals views on gender issues in relation to selecting a suitable GP. The individual will also be supported to register with Opticians and Dentists if they are unable to continue to attend the Opticians or Dentist they were registered with prior to admission.

As part of the admission process, staff will ensure that all available health information relating to the individual is obtained and appropriately recorded. Each individual will have a comprehensive health plan designed in consultation with them.
All health concerns will be addressed immediately and appropriate medical advice sought. Care will be taken to ensure that all health information for individuals remains confidential and is shared on a need to know basis only with the permission of the individual.
This will ensure that there is clear understanding of the individual’s medical conditions including signs and symptoms of deterioration for all staff to follow and will allow the staff to quickly recognise when an individual becomes ill and respond immediately to meet their needs.

Safety and suitability of the premises

Bow’s is a bungalow that is a residential home for disabled individuals.
The bungalow which is called “Bows” is located in the in Trowbridge which is the County Town of Wiltshire. The individuals who choose to live at “Bows” will benefit from a wide variety of shops, restaurants, country parks, colleges and leisure facilities all within easy walking distance of the home. There is also the local train station and bus service to wider areas of the community.
The bungalow was built in the 1950’s. The building has been adapted substantially over the last year in line with the disability discrimination Act 1995, and it is fully accessible to disabled adults. Further adaptations for individual needs may be applied for as needed. There are 2 bathrooms with toilets and 1 shower room with toilet.

The home has a comfortably furnished lounge, dining room and kitchen and conservatory. The kitchen is domestic in style and is used for preparation of meals. Individuals are encouraged to be involved in the preparation of meals and drinks. There is a separate utility room with domestic washers and dryers.
Bedroom at Bows can be furnished with special beds and equipment that meets the needs of the individual using the room. Each room can be decorated to the individual’s specific preference. The home can offer care to 5 individuals and can be a home for life if they so choose it to be
As this is a relatively low number of individuals this minimises any adverse effects of being a 5-bedded unit and enables us to provide care to the most appropriate group.
There is a large back garden mainly laid to lawn and the front garden has been tarmacked to provide ample parking.

Staffing is planned around the individual physical, medical and behavioural needs which will have been identified prior to referral for a service at Bows

Risk assessments are completed for any activity that may present a hazard. Risk assessments are regularly reviewed.

We have a range of specialist equipment e.g. mobile hoists, special beds to ensure safe manual handling for those who need it. Each individual will have their own hoist slings We will obtain a copy of their manual handling plan and keep this on file to ensure we can meet the their needs safely.
The registered Manager will ensure that every individual who chooses to live at Bows will have their own Care Plan. This will be specific to their own needs. It will detail how the individuals wish to be cared for and will aim to give the individual as much control over their lives as reasonably practical.
The care plans and activity plans will include their needs, preferences, values and diversity. It will identify any risks and where appropriate risk assessments will be written and followed by all staff members in an attempt to reduce risk whilst still considering the right of the individual to make choices and take informed risks.

The care plan will help to maintain the individual’s welfare and will promote their well including the following;

• Physical
• Mental
• Social
• Personal relationships
• Emotional
• Daytime activity

The Care plan will be regularly reviewed and amended in line with the changing needs of the individual.
All staff members employed at Bows will have a duty of care to follow the care plan and as such this will ensure continuity of the individuals care, treatment and support.

Medical flow charts will be developed for any individual that has a medical condition. This will provide a step by step guide to meet the needs of the individual should there be a determination in the health condition of any individual.

Further detailed information will be recorded in the Care plan under the heading of “Physical”

Our play equipment (Swings, trampoline) are inspected annually by ROSPA, and regularly checked prior to use and included in our regular health and safety inspections.

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health - COSHH assessments are undertaken for all substances used with in the home.

The garden is secure and the front door is accessed by a keypad to minimise the risk of vulnerable adults leaving the building alone. Additionally to this the front driveway has electric gates that are accessed via a key pad. The number is only known to people who have a need to know.

All key pads will be automatically released on the sounding of the fire alarms.

An internal health and safety audit is completed 6 monthly and an annual inspection undertaken.

Fire Precautions are given due regard.
The local fire officer will regularly inspect the home. Fire equipment and procedures are regularly checked in health and safety inspections. There is a fire evacuation procedure agreed by the Fire Officer. There is a designated fire officer in the team who is responsible for regular checks of all equipment and monthly fire drills.

The home’s fire prevention policy and procedures are reviewed on a regular basis The building has a comprehensive fire alarm system including heat and smoke detectors, self-closing doors and emergency lighting

Bobbins is a large house that is a residential home for disabled individuals.
The home is located in Swindon and close to all of the amenities.
The home was fully refurbished during 2015.
As this home is a house the accommodation is on two levels .The Ground floor and the First floor.
The ground floor is fully DDA compliant and as such is accessible for any person who has mobility impairments.

The home is comfortably furnished thought out with all bedrooms personalized for each person using them.

The home benefits from two lounge areas, a large conservatory, a fully interactive kitchen with a movable island for food preparation.
there are 4 bathrooms with in the home ,fitted with showers baths or wet room facilities.

The home has been converted to be fully DDA compliant on the ground floor.
The home can offer support to 6 individuals from the age of 16 - 65 years.
5 of the bedrooms are located on the first floor, with staff accommodation on this level as well.
The 6th bedroom is located on the ground floor. This room has its own fully adapted DDA compliant bathroom. There is also access out of this room directly into the back garden.
Bobbins benefits form a large rear garden ,with raised flower beds and a sunken trampoline.
Security is always a priority and as such the home is surrounded by 6 ft fencing and electric gates to the front of the property.