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Valuing People

Valuing People: A New Strategy for Learning Disability for the 21st Century

John Edwards Care Homes ltd are committed to implementing the key objectives set out in the governments white paper, Valuing People: A New Strategy for Learning Disability for the 21st Century

Objective 1: Maximising Opportunities for Disabled Children

To ensure that disabled children gain maximum life chance benefits from educational opportunities, health care and social care, while living with their families or in other appropriate settings in the community where their assessed needs are adequately met and reviewed.

Objective 2: Transition into Adult Life

As young people with learning disabilities move into adulthood, to ensure continuity of care and support for the young person and their family and to provide equality of opportunity in order to enable as many disabled young people as possible to participate in education, training or employment.

Objective 3: Enabling People To Have More Control Over Their Own Lives

To enable people with learning disabilities to have as much choice and control as possible over their lives through advocacy and a person-centred approach to planning the services they need

Objective 4: Supporting Carers

To increase the help and support carers receive from all local agencies in order to fulfil their family and caring roles effectively.

Objective 5: Good Health

To enable people with learning disabilities to access a health service designed around their individual needs, with fast and convenient care delivered to a consistently high standard, and with additional support where necessary.

Objective 6: Housing

To enable people with learning disabilities and their families to have greater choice and control over where, and how they live.

Objective 7: Fulfilling Lives

To enable people with learning disabilities to lead full and purposeful lives in their communities and to develop a range of friendships, activities and relationships.

Objective 8: Moving into Employment

To enable more people with learning disabilities to participate in all forms of employment, wherever possible in paid work and to make a valued contribution to the world of work.

Objective 9: Quality

To ensure that all agencies commission and provide high quality, evidence based and continuously improving services which promote both good outcomes and best value.

Objective 10. Workforce Training and Planning

To ensure that social and health care staff working with people with learning disabilities are appropriately skilled, trained and qualified, and to promote a better understanding of the needs of people with learning disabilities amongst the wider workforce.

Objective 11: Partnership Working

To promote holistic services for people with learning disabilities through effective partnership working between all relevant local agencies in the commissioning and delivery of services.